Area of Earth

 One pleasant morning as Gopal Bhar was fast asleep, a guard from the royal place hurried to see him. The guard work him up and cried out, “Sir! Sir! The king wised to see you immediately. He is able to say that this life is being threatened and the fate of this kingdom is doomed. Please Sir! Get up now and come with me to royal place at once.” Gopal thought what could be the problem that their King’s life is in danger. He knew that it was really a big and serious problem otherwise the King would not send for him this early in the morning. So, he got up, quickly freshened himself up, had a bath, and put on some clean clothes and then went to the place with the guard. When walked in, into the palace, he found the King seated in his throne in the court. The king was sitting with his hand on his head as tears rolled down his cheeks. Gopal Bhar seeing this condition rushed towards the King and inquired, O King! What is it? Tell me! How can I help you? What awful has happened? The king cried out, “Gopal! This time even you won’t be able to help. We are doomed! Our Kingdom, our man all! I will be killed and our Kingdom will be destroyed soon. Oh God! Where are you? Please help us!’’Gopal did not understand as to what has happened. He said to the king, “Please calm down Majesty! Let me know the problem. It is only then. I will be able to confirm my adroitness.”
After a while, the king said. “That iniquitous governor has provided me with a no-win task again. Do you know that we have to pay him a free of a thousand gold coins every month? So that he would not attack our kingdom and safeguard it because our army is too small.”

Gopal answer, “Yes Majesty, with all cognizance!” The king continued to say, “So, we have paid him the free every month always on time till date. Now, he just looking for an excuse in order to attack our Kingdom. I clearly doubt his intention, since he has sent me a massage stating his reluctance in accepting the safeguard free for this month. Instead, he wants me to get someone who could measure the length and breadth of the earth! Also, he added that if I an unable to do it, then he would attack our kingdom and kill me. Can you believe it? I just get it that from where on earth does, he gets these lame ideas!? 
Gopal understood that the governor wanted to attack their kingdom intentionally. That is the only reason he had asked the King to do such Lama things. After a movement’s thought, he said, “Your Majesty! I think I have an idea how to out smart him and get us all out of this problem. Please Majesty! I want you to provide me with whatever I need at this moment, also I need you to trust me.”
The King said with a deep breath, “Gopal whatever you are doing, please remember that the whole Kingdome alone with my life is a stake. If you fail us, then nothing will be left out.”
Gopal pacified the king and said, “I have helped you many a time. Did I fail you anytime? Have faith on me and provide me with fifteen bullock carts filled up with the silk and cotton thread our kingdom.”
 The king trusted him and ordered his guard to start collecting all the silk and cotton tread in the Kingdom and asked them to lead those in fifteen different bullock carts. At the and of the week, the carts were ready. Gopal got into the first bullock card and leaded the rest heading towards the governor’s palace. As soon as he reached the governor’s palace, he want to see him.
He greeted the governor and said, “Greeting governor! King Krishna Chandra has sent me as per your request. As per the task given by you, he asked me to measure the length and breadth of the earth and…” Before he could finish, the governor jumped up in joy and said, “Ha! Ha! So, you have come to inform me that you could not do that right?”

Gopal smiled and continued, “I have come to tell you that I have finally finished measuring the length and breadth of the earth. Also, I have brought the measurements for you to check if you have any doubts.” The governor was surprised and said, “What! But how is it possible!” Gopal grinned and said, I knew you would not believe me, so I brought the proof alone with me. Come with me! I will show you.” The governor followed Gopal to the palace grounds and was amazed to see fifteen bullock-carts. He shouted at Gopal, “What do you mean by this? Care to explain” Gopal explained. “I have measured the length and breadth of the earth with the help of silk and cotton threads. The first eight carts contain threads that I have uses to measure the breadth of the earth and the rest seven contain threads that I have use to measure the length of the earth.” The governor became angry and shouted at Gopal, “What if the measurements are wrong?”
Gopal bluffed and said that, “That is the only reason brought these along with me. You can ask someone to check it many times you need. You can ask them to take the measurements once again and check it whether it’s correct or not. If you do not believe then you can do the measuring yourself.”
The governor had no words to say. He was tricked by the witty and clever Gopla. He then said “That’s alright! I believe you! You can go and inform your king that I am dispelled with his effort. I will continue to safeguard his kingdom.”
Gopal rushed back to the royal palace as soon as possible to inform the King about the good news! King Krishna Chandra on hearing the news was very overwhelmed and praised Gopal, “Gopal! You are our savior! Without you I would be doomed to die, also our kingdom is saved now. You are a God’s massager! You have also saved one thousand gold coin for the Kingdom. I would like to give you a reward of five hundred gold coin.” Gopal took the rewards and went home. 

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