Gopal Bhar accept challenge of the Bald Scrooge.

   Once there lived a very wise and witty man named Gopal Bhar. He was a barber and wan known for his presence of mind and sense of humor. He lived in Krishnanagar, ruled by king Krishna Chandra. In the same village, there was a scrooge. He would always come up with an excuse not to pay for the things he bought. He would go to the vegetable market and buy a kilo of vegetable, have behind a few vegetables in the shop and tell the green grocer that “I will pay when I collect these lefts behind vegetables”. He would go to the hotel, eat some food and then would get up and say” I don’t like the food. I am not going to pay for these tests less food”. People were stupefied with his behavior.

  Numerous complaints against him were done to the king seeking his imprisonment. The king not knowing of what to do, summoned his trusted friend Gopal Bhar and sought help. “Gopal! Scrooge is very cunning chap. He should be dealt in this way. And I seek your help in teaching him a good lesson” said the king.
  Gopal thought of helping the king and waited patiently for the movement to teach him a lesson. As we all know that ‘sweet is the fruit of patience,’. Gopal Bhar got the opportunity at the end of the week.
    Scrooge arrived at Gopal Bhar’s shop, as he wanted a haircut. Gopal was the only barber of their village and so he had to come his shop. Scrooge laughed up his sleeves as he knew that he would not pay for the haircut. He said to Gopal Bhar in flattery manner “I have heard great things about you. You are the best barber the world has ever known. I came here to challenge you to prove it to me. Can you cut my hair in such a way that each and every hair on my head is of the same length”
  “Sure..! Why not. Place be seated” said Gopal Bhar accepting the challenge. In those days, it was the mores that the barber would give a fine massage to the head and shoulders before doing a haircut. So, he started massaging the scrooge’s head as well as shoulders. As he continued to massage, the comfort eased the scrooge to go sleep.
  When he woke up, he found out that the barber had finished off his job. He looked at the mirror and yelled “Oh no! What have you done? Why did you do this to me? You fool!” Gopal Bhar had shaved his head off completely. He smiled cunningly and justified “You wanted me to cut your hair in such a way that each and every hair on your head is of the same length. Well I did it and completed my challenge. Now you keep your words and pay me, else consequences will nit be good. I will take you to the King if you don’t.”
  Scrooge understood that he has been outsmart by the sagacious Gopal Bhar. He had no choice other than paying him for the haircut. Also, he vowed that from that every day onwards he would not be a scrooge anymore.

Gopal Bhar accept challenge of the Bald Scrooge. Gopal Bhar accept challenge of the Bald Scrooge. Reviewed by Biplab Roy on 4:03 AM Rating: 5

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