Who is unlucky?

Maharaja (King) Krishna Chandra did not like sinister looking man or an unlucky man in the morning preferably.
One-night Gopal was not able to return to his home because it was too late at night enjoying to musical tune. So, he was compelled to stay at the guest house of the palace.
Next morning, Maharaja after getting up looked outside through the window and saw Gopal standing in the balcony of the guest house. Gopal wished Maharaja, “Good Morning!” At the day, when barber started to cut the King’s nails, King’s finger got cut and it started 

Barber said, “My Lord! I have been cutting your nails, beard and hair since last five years but I have never wounded you. You must have seen a sinister looking man in the morning.”
Maharaja recollected Gopal when saw first in morning. At once he sent some of his men to arrest Gopal. They arrested Gopal and brought him into the court of Maharaja.
Maharaja said, “Many men of my state will ruin if a sinister looking man like you will live more. Today morning I have seen you first and so I become wounded. Hence I give the judgment that Gopal should be hanged till death.”
Gopal did not perturb after hearing his death sentence but in turn asked Maharaja, “Maharaja! You have done the right thing. But my King! In the morning you have seen me first so you have wounded yourself and I saw you first in the morning today and so I am going to die. So, you please judge who is more sinister looking man. You or me?”
Maharaja at once released Gopal and set him free and said, “Look I am not a sinister looking man. So, you are free to go.

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